The professions available to

The services of individuals

We are working on providing qualified human cadres to meet the needs of the individuals of the trained domestic employment through a strategic partnership with specialized international companies to attract the best human capacities we offer a variety of employment all professions and disciplines and jinn

The services sectors

We work to provide the necessary human cadres for the business sector of companies and institutions, including the suited to their needs, skilled labor and specialized work on the application of global quality standards in training and qualification of human cadres for our customers to achieve their ambitions and aspirations.


We offer the service broker abuses, where we mediate on behalf of the employer labor agents required from different human cadres, in coordination with the Foreign Offices of the States authorized other chambers of the

Available states

To provide the best recruitment services that serve all sectors with high quality and the best professional and ethical standards, we are establishing a distinctive and innovative standards other chambers in order to provide a cadre of distinctive competencies and achieve the requirements of the Saudi community in various sectors

Is to become one of the leading recruitment agency offices in the Kingdom through the provision of trained human cadres to meet the needs of our customers.

A Salman Recruitment Office, we are working under the license of the, Ministry of Labor No. 3801487 we provide bringing human cadres in the various areas of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and all the sectors either individuals or companies of all professions and disciplines have taken firm steps forward and moving steadily until receipt